Webinar: Modernizing Your Security Guard Training

The traditional method of in-person security guard training just isn’t cutting it anymore. Drastic changes in training, onboarding, and employee retention are needed to improve not only the quality of output from on-site associates, but also the safety of team members, clients, and the general public.

This webinar hosted by Defencify C.E.O, Russ Wilmon and Thinkurity addresses how to operate and take your security business to the next level with the Defencify self-paced online security platform. 

In this webinar you will learn: 

  • Key insights for a better training and development program
  • Essential skills and topics for security guards in 2022
  • Must-haves for your online training courses to engage your audience.
  • Differs from off-the-shelf online security training programs
  • Helps security firms get certified guards into the field faster